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We are a small gaming community, which are addicted to leaderboard games, as well as pc and mobile games. Our motto is to let the world learn something new from these games, and to make them understand that games are not only for entertainment, but also for learning something new in everyday life. We love games that the world plays, and we make the best out of tips and tricks to win them, and not to leak somewhere else for this content.

We do offer you more, more you take interest in us! We play every game you play! We also play top games of world- PUBG, CS:EDITION, GTA GAMES, SuperCell GAMES and many more!

Naman Vrati
System Admin

What Do We Offer

Yah! We play ELITES games, and encourage people to play them, not for addiction but for learning new practical tricks that you can use in everyday life. By playing these games, you can learn new strategies, tips and tricks. We have a well-maintained blog full of articles with a great variety of gaming tricks and tips. Our Motto is only to make people happy from their tensed everyday life.


Do We Own PUBG and CS Servers?

Though we don’t won the gaming servers, our gaming-partner sponsor: Atomic Dudes (World’s Leading Gaming Clan). The Clan offers servers running world-wide 24x7x365. We have so-far 4 Counter-Strike 1.6 Servers, PUBG Servers, CS:Global Offensive Servers and many more servers. We also have a steam official group. You can always join the clan for free! Goto: http://www.AtomicDudes.com

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Our Departments

Website Departments:
Website System Admin: Naman Vrati (CEO-Team ELITES)
Live WhatsApp Support: Click Here to Chat with Us!
General Manager: Krish Garg (HOD-Tencent Games)
Website Manager: Vedansh Sharma (HOD-SuperCell Games)

Your feedback is valuable to us, please mail us your suggestions/queries on [email protected].

Management Departments:(With Names of HOD)
1. Valve-GamesKinshuk Thapa
2. Tencent-Games: Krish Garg
3. SuperCell-Games: Vedansh Sharma
4. GTA-Games: <Waiting for Confirmation>
5. Miniclip Games: <Waiting Confirmation>
6. MineCraft Games: <Waiting for Confirmation>
7. SUD-Dr.Games–  Naman Vrati

Our Sponsers

Atomic Dudes
Official Partner

About NamVr:

NamVr- The Best Ready Tools is our official partner. The Customer Portal for Team Elites, Website Creation and many other tools it offers is unbelievable.

About Atomic Dudes:

Atomic Dudes- #1 Hack Free Clan, is leading the world’s leaderboard scores in various elite games like Counter-Strike 1.6, CS:Global Offensive and PUBG Mobile.