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Technical Support

This is the technical support platform, where you have some issues regarding website. You can also report bugs and other server related issues here. You can also ask for services and other technical problems.

General Support

This is the general customer support platform, where you can be assisted with policies and other facilities. You can ask your query to their respective categories.

Technical Support

Hi There! This is the technical support section, where you can contact us regarding technical support. Please be patient, as we give priority as first come first serve basis. We are extremely sorry if your experience was not too good while browsing our site. But, there is no problem at all, you can always contact us to let us hear you.

Bugs Related SupportA software bug is an error, flaw, failure or fault in a computer program or system that causes it to produce an incorrect or unexpected result, or to behave in unintended ways. If you have encountered with an bug, please let us know!BUG SUPPORTErrors and IssuesA website issue is a type of errors, caused by high pings and requests over worldwide. This failure may result in the formation of the error pages, such as 403, 503, 404 etc.REPORT ISSUETechnical FaultsTechnical faults are those faults that are made by the user, who created a specific page that has some mistakes like – spellings, grammer, punctuation or even placement of text. Please let us improve!REPORT FAULTVerification Related SupportIf you have some questions related to verification process, please let us help you. Monthly Verification are held by automation to ensure the functioning of our website.ASK NOW!

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Customer Support

This is the customer support section, where you can contact us regarding customer support like policy updates, promotional and referral process. Our staff will try to help you as fast as the request is received. We give priority on first come first server basis.

Policy Related SupportTeam ELITES is managed in a effective way under policies. They are a integral part for distribution of resources under various users. If you need any help regarding policies, feel free to contact us!POLICY SUPPORTPromotional and BulkIf you want to support Team ELITES, by advertisement or ranging, or sending bulk orders in specific reason, please let us know.BULK SUPPORTJoining Our ClanIf you want to join our clan, then you can do it on the registration portal, if you want ask something about registration, please let us know!REGISTRATION HELPNotice RequestsThis for the present members of Team ELITES. If you want to send a notice application, you can know the further process on their respective categories. For more information, click below.ASK NOW!

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