Dev and Management Department

This Department is the central and superior department over all departments. The Head Of this Department is the Server Administrator, i.e. Admin. He is assisted by General Manager of Team ELITES and Website Manager. This department manages the whole site network and responsible for server maintenance and monthly verifications. Know more about roles in their respective categories.


The Main Management Department is the head of this department and cover its services. The Developer Department is responsible for customer care services and support, providing users a better-facility. They are paid-less for their service.


This Category of Departments consists of all the multi-sites of various gaming companies, who is aimed at writing gaming articles for the clan. Their Departments are managed under various HODs and DGMs of departments. They are a integral part of Team ELITES blogging team, who are dedicated with best efforts towards clan.


In this category, we have two departments- OFF-SITE Department and ON-SITE Department. The department category is based on network connectivity. If a person is unable to directly publish a article on our site or he doesn’t have a connection always or he is not good in styling but want to write content and do work for Team ELITES, he is in Off-Site Department. He can do his work by writing and sending articles by mailing to server admin. Articles must be in .docx or .pdf format.

On-Site Department Members have a internet connection and good in styling. So they have to work at least a couple of hours daily. They get a greater share than off-site members as they do styling and publishing articles.